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    ITech Trainings is the first professionally certified Seo training institute in Lahore where projects based practical Seo training in Lahore is offered. Since March 2018, we have trained more than one hundred students who later got converted into professionals. We also offer internships to the emerging aspirants so most of the students get hired immediately by our clients or referred digital marketing agencies. Other bright and hardworking students have made their own digital marketing agencies allover Pakistan especially in Lahore. We offer a blend of theoretical and practical work altogether in our signature seo course in Lahore for our students to have a complete grip on the all dimensions of Search Engine Optimization. In short, students who want to get professionally equipped in digital marketing techniques opt for Itech Trainings for certified seo training in Pakistan.

    In Pakistan, there are young talented students who don’t get proper guidance about the career to choose due to a lot of inflation, and other economic crisis. It is the need of hour to give them proper career counseling to make their projection in the right direction to extract best results for their future. Seo training in Lahore is for all the people who want to make an impact on the world, secure their future, and earn a respectable livelihood. Students have an option for freelancing once they complete their seo training in Pakistan.


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    Harris Hashmi is a CS graduate from University of South Carolina with majors in specialized business IT and Project Management. He has media studies and production as his minor in the undergraduate level. He has been going to various information technology conferences, training programs, corporate business events, start-ups, and workshops relevant to the field of information technology, innovation, and digital marketing. He has a distinction from Trinity College Dublin in a certificate program of digital marketing.  Moreover, he is an author of many IT books which are a part of coursework in renowned universities especially the ones on digital marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. He has been a part of visiting faculty in Lahore University of Management Sciences and Lahore School of Economics. He has been offering seo training in Lahore at his own software company known as Play Tech Solutions for more than a decade. Without any doubt, Harris Hashmi is the best seo expert in Pakistan. He is a part of search engine optimization industry for more than a decade; to be precise we can say since 2005. He has been a speaker at a lot of expos on information technology. Harris Hashmi was one of the trend setters for taking the initiative of conducting seo training in Lahore. He started these trainings just like a decade ago and has taught hundreds of students since then. He is a pioneer of seo training in Pakistan due to his vast knowledge and teaching methodology. Harris Hashmi is a resident of Lahore, the soul of Punjab, Pakistan. He maintains a great bonding with his students. Alumni also get in touch with Harris Hashmi through social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. You can also get in touch with Harris Hashmi on Facebook or Twitter.
    Well it’s a common research that some students due to lack of proficiency of the English language prefer that training could be held in Urdu. Itech trainings also offer specialized seo training in Lahore in Urdu so every student can understand the process easily. Though seo terms and course framework is in English but quite emphasis is being done on delivering the lecture in Urdu to the students who demand for it. For the ease of the students every term is explained with live examples to the students so layman concept could be framed and put forward to them. We believe that very easy and latest SEO training in Pakistan in Urdu is conducted at ITech trainings. A panel of teachers assistant will always be present to address the student’s queries. We make sure you have a good time doing this training Course. Read all the detailed information available on this webpage and get in touch with Itech Trainings administration to get information about upcoming batches of seo training in Lahore. Also, be updated about our signature seo training in Pakistan course live online for international and outstation students.
    Whether you’re in Karachi, Lahore or in any part or province of Pakistan or even outside Pakistan, your seo skill set will always be very beneficial for you. Every company wants their digital significance so a seo project is a must to accomplish those goals. Through proper seo they will get the desired customers. If they get good clientage through the website, it will be quite beneficial for the company in monetary terms. You can get heavily paid in those scenarios as a search engine optimizer. It is a recommendation for all the Lahori entrepreneurs to get the best seo training in Lahore from one of the best seo training center in Lahore. Since everything is getting digital, it’s a time to move on. For all the people who want to do seo training in Pakistan online, we can provide you online platform for your classes. Once you get the complete grip on SEO, you will be able to rank any website irrespective of local seo or global seo. The tricks and techniques would help you manage all the work on your own so you would not need to pay anyone for their part in the process. Internationally software houses are looking for quality seo practitioners. Software houses around the globe outsource their projects to south Asian countries since labor rates are quite low as compared to Europe or America. Collaborating with foreign software companies in such a situation can make you earn quite good apparently. Now is the time to put acceleration on the gas. Join core SEO training in Lahore and allover Pakistan and collaborate with the international clients. We also offer structured seo training in Pakistan for students who don’t belong to Lahore. How to get these live projects? No worries, we will share all the techniques ad platforms to acquire the projects. Itech Trainings has a record of producing one of the best seo experts working in the top marketing agencies all over Pakistan.
    Seo also known as search engine optimizations is a digital marketing technique to bring organic traffic to a specific website. The professional who performs this optimization is entitled as SEO expert or Seo optimizer. Seo is a mechanism in which numbers of people are increased by working on a website, and making it appear on the first SERP of google. It is the most effective and efficient technique of digital marketing with low cost magnitudes. Nowadays almost all the corporate businesses are trying their level best to grab every possible opportunity to cater their services or products to the maximum number of masses. Well, SEO is the only way to do it organically. Google is the most used search engine in terms of numbers that exceeds 2.2 billion searches per day, and more than 310 million people use it on daily basis. Other prominent search engines include Bing and Yahoo, though their market share is way less than Google. Suppose you own a company offering some kind of services or introduce any kind of products. Would not you like if millions and millions of people reach out to you daily on your website. All of them could be your potential buyers depending upon how you pitch things onto your website. You would be in a position to challenge your competitors in grabbing the audience. Now you would be considering w you would be able to do effective Seo? Well, we have a solution for it. We rain you the best way so you can handle the professional work and enhance your business or job prospects. We will train you to become an expert in this subject. You will find Seo training in Lahore details on this page. Also, have a deep look at the search engine optimization flyer.
    Get the best seo training in Lahore from ITech Trainings to become the best SEO expert not only in Pakistan but at international level as well. Also, seo training in Pakistan is available for outstation students through our online portal. Kindly have a look at the Itech Trainings pin location on map for having a better idea about the location. Location: 237-B1, Allah Hoo Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan. Call: 0304-2769492 | 0308-3337733 (Information Department, ITech Trainings)
    Find the detailed information in this Seo training in Lahore flyer.
    You need to fill the form to acquire Seo training in Lahore brochure. Let us know the basic information as per the form suggests. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible to reserve your seat. Our organization belongs to Lahore, but students across Pakistan join Itech Trainings to enhance their knowledge from scratch to advance. These commitments to professionalism make Itech trainings one of the best seo training institutes in Lahore offering best seo training in Pakistan.
    Do you want to be the best seo optimizer in Lahore? If you think so, then you’re on the right track. ITech trainings is one of the renowned departments for seo training in Pakistan. Our course curriculum and roadmap has been designed by the internationally acclaimed Seo Expert Harris Hashmi. New trends coming every now and then are further refined and discussed during the class sessions. We are really proud to be your mentor for best seo training in Pakistan with great determination, that together we will achieve the targets for which we are trusted by many of our students. .For the local students who want to learn seo in Lahore, can visit our admission office in the office hours and get the complete detailed information about the search engine optimization mechanism, course duration, fees, and the benefits of the course. Seo training in Lahore or seo training in Pakistan, whatever you might consider, itech will always be the signature trendsetter in terms of commitment, professionalism, and proficiency. Make an impact in the field of search engine optimization so it turns out to be an exciting career for you. Still have reservations or ambiguities? We have a solution for you! Get a free trial session for seo training. You can monitor your instructor’s skills and make sure if Seo is the right program for you! As per the organization’s policy first trial class for Seo training in lahore would be free of cost, and student would be bound to pay his/her dues before taking the next class. After you’re done with your course, Itech Trainings offer you a complimentary training session for the revision of the content covered in the training sessions as well as to practice for the potential job interviews. The prime objective of this seo training in Pakistan session would be Seo interview questions and to reinforce the content covered in the training. Please read out the details on this page about the course, trainer Harris Hashmi, Location of Itech Trainings, seo training flyer, and procedure to get registered for the training program. Also, you can claim a free trial session of seo training in lahore when you visit ITech Trainings for the training or information gathering.
    ntroduction to Seo SEO Prospects Core Digital Marketing Concepts SEM Behavior of Crawler Indexing of Keywords Attachment of Keywords with Websites On page Optimization Keywords Analysis Process Study of competitors Selection of Keywords for a Website Unique Content Creation Formation of Robots.txt file Sitemap Generation in xml format Traffic Monitoring Tools SEO Tactics Off page Optimization Link Building Process Link Building Process Types of Links Article Submission Press Release Submission Blog Commenting Forum Posting Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Digital Marketing Link Submission Platforms Formation of AdSense account Formation of Affiliate account* Do and Don’ts of Google AdSense Costing Strategies Internship
    Anyone can join this course but the most relevant persons for this seo training in Lahore would be: Information Technology/ Computer Science Students Management Students/ Marketing Students Business Holders Sales / Marketing Managers SEO Rookies Website Designers Website Developers Information Technology Professionals Affiliate Marketing Managers SEO Business Holders Marketing Agencies Backlinks Builders Corporate Companies There is a lot of demand of good quality seo optimizers in advertising and digital marketing agencies. Since every business is going digital nowadays, every company is investing adequate amount of money for their digital significance. Seo training in Pakistan is a hot favorite course due to its huge popularity and demand. For all the people, considering seo as their mainstream career, this is the time to make your mark and become one of the best seo optimizers in Pakistan.

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